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Stórurð The Magic Hike

    Tour Operator: Travel East Iceland     7 hours     Travel method: Jeep / 4x4     Region: East

Stórurð (The Giant Boulders) is one of the unique and magnificent creations of nature in East Iceland. This place lies below the stunning Dyrfjöll Mountains. The boulder area was most likely created by a landslide at the end of the latest cold era of the Ice Age. The boulders were carried by a glacier snout to the present location. It consists of gigantic tuff boulders, charming meadows, and attractive ponds. A truly stunning scenery. We walk a marked path all the way up to a landscape that is hard to describe with words you just have to come and see it for yourself. The Hike is about 14 km with elevation from 400 to 700 meters depends on which way we choose in and out from Stórurð. We always start and end at Álfheimar Country Hotel 

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Minimum age: 10 years
Difficulty: Moderado

What is included

- Guided tour
- Hiking map

- Guided tour
- Hiking map

Important information

Your outdoor clothes and good shoes for hiking.


- Deep blue and green ponds between the massive boulders.
- Lush grassy hollows and distinct vegetation.
- Excellent view and a truly stunning scenery.
- Stórurð is definitely one of Iceland‘s best-hidden gems.

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